Wine has been invented in Greece from the very old times. Even in the Homerus period some 3.500 years before, ancient Greeks were drinking wine and a special kind of it named rakomelo (a combination of wine with honey) still existing. Wine use was not only for enjoying or feeling well, but also it has been proved that it is a real medicine for diseases and mainly benefits heart’s function.  Later wine has also been a sacred drink that it is used in the Holy Communion of Christians and also from the old times it was used to wash the dead people for going to heaven.

There was also a special God protector of wine named Dionysus to the honour of which ancient Greeks were organizing special celebrations. A quite great tradition and knowledge but also a rarely great climate for the development of various types of grapes favour the creation and production of some of the greatest qualities in the World.

Wineries in Greece create a lot of types of wines upon the regions and the type of grapes that they have at their disposal. Usually the wineries use grapes from their own estates. Each one of them has the right to name its wine by a brand name but the essential types are the following.  If someone prefers some other type than usual  Greek types and names like Chardonnay or Sauvignon for example, Greek wineries also prepare such types of wines but it is not the clearly traditional Greek wine.  They also produce a type of Champagne which is a great quality but usually it is not what a foreign could ask from Greece. In Greece there are special regions where grapes can be grown in an excellent way because of the special climate of the place. For example Nemea in Peloponnese gives a very special red wine which they name as the blood of Hercules (the ancient semi-god of Greek Mythology) because Hercules has been born in Nemea.

Their grapes are products of biological farming and are characterized as PDO (Protected Destination of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), as well as accompanied with all necessary International Certificates.





                       GREEK WHITE WINES:


1)    White wine

2)    White Dry wine

3)    White semi dry wine   

4)    Retsina (a characteristic and very special greek wine made from retin)

5)    Semi Sweet white wine

6)    Moschofilero  wine (name due to the quality of grape)


                                   RED WINES:


1)    Red wine

2)    Dry red wine

3)    Red semi dry wine

4)    Semi sweet red wine

5)    Sweet red wine

6)    Agiorgitiko red wine                                           


               ROSE  WINES:


1)    Dry rosé wine

2)    Rosé semi dry wine


 Note: All above wines exist in more  than 5 wineries who are cooperating with us. We have selected the best qualities in the best wholesale prices.