Wanted Goods 


We are seeking the below products from direct producers, orwners, and not from traders. If you are the producer or direct owner then please email data to if you can supply any of them. Repeat : not from traders, with exceptions, from a GRW Agency that secures it from a direct owner is ok:


1. Copper Ore  with higher  c.u. % content  (from the mines) . We do have some for export from Pakistan.

2. Copper Scrap  (not from China)---(Please note we have copper wire forsale in Pakistan), but we are talking about WANTING other copper scrap types

3. Used Rails are always in demand even as the years go by as long as the price is good.

4. Aluminum billets / Aluminum Scrap of all types including extrusions. (no China)

5. An International Construction Firm to do all types of construction projects.

6. Sunflower and Soybean oil competitively priced in USD.

7. Iron ore on  cnf or cif basis with high Fe   (only from direct mines)

8. All ores from direct mines