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uPVC Window Systems


Origin: uPVC products being produced in Pakistan under collaboration or Joint Venture with Turkey
A visit can be arranged for the serious buyers to see factory operation in three different locations in Pakistan.
All agencies and Buyers may contact GRW Global Corporation on
for any additional information or clarification. A detailed offer can be arranged against specific inquiries.

uPVC Window and Door Systems


Advantages of uPVC products


¨      Strong and lightweight; Energy efficient, Fire resistant;

¨      Cost effective, Low maintenance, Environmentally sound, Acoustic reduction.

¨      Security, Recyclable, Weather resistant and protects from UV rays.

¨      Durable and lasting, Chemical resistant, rust proof and eliminates corrosion.

¨      Dust and insect proof and water resistant.


World Demand of uPVC


¨      uPVC products in construction sector are in big demand in North America and Asian countries, while Western Europe comes third. uPVC has already started getting market acceptability in Eastern Europe, South America, Africa Middle/Far East.


Forest Preservation


¨      Forest play an important part in preserving stable eco system. Forests also protect watersheds of DAMS. To save our forests, uPVC is the only alternative.


Perfect Insulation


¨      uPVC has a low thermal conductivity…excellent protection against environmental influences (WIND – RAIN – SOUND PULLUTION,,,,)

¨      Long-Life UV-protection, High impact / High chemical / Salt water resistance.




¨      Rust resistant:  Specially chemically coated to resist corrosion;

¨      Acoustic Insulation: Reduces external sound/noise impact due to unique innovative gasket & brush mechanism reducing noise level up to 58 db.

¨      Water resistant: build in water channels in profile to ensure drainage.

¨      Maintenance FREE – just ‘wipe and walk’

¨      EPDM Gasket: 3-gasket system for dust & insect protection.

¨      Fire Proof: Profiles are fire resistant and self extinguishing.

¨      European Brushes: used for maximum.


Features / Benefits


¨      Reinforcement: usage of galvanized steel to resist high wind loads / lasting life span.

¨      Thermal Insulation: 3-chamber profile is employed.

¨      Accessories of high quality made in are used.

¨      Humidity resistant: Water absorption rate 0.1% that conforms DIN 18055 Standards.

¨      Glass is available in single glazed, double glazed and Triple glazed form using European glass washing and treatment facility.

¨      Glass can also be laminated, Tempered. Thickness of glass from 5mm to 30mm.

¨      Treated glass helps: noise reduction, reduces energy costs, absorb high wind pressures, blocks harmful UV rays, reduces risk of body injury.



PVC vs. uPVC Vinyl


Not all vinyl windows are created equal. The type of vinyl used in the window has a direct effect on the quality of the product.

Typically, vinyl windows are made out of a compound known as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. In general, PVC can be difficult to push through the dies, in order to make the extrusion. To aid the PVC through the dies, plasticizers are added to make the compound more pliable. While plasticizers aid in the production of the extrusion, they can have some adverse side effects as well. Plasticizers can make the vinyl itself very dense and brittle, thus making the final product susceptible to cracking and the effects of ultra-violet light. This is not exactly the type of product most people would want in their home.

However, there is an alternative: Unplasticized-polyvinyl chloride, or uPVC.  With this compound, no plasticizers are added. Instead, other additives are mixed with the compound to provide protection from weathering, impact strength, and aid in the processing of the material. The final product is stronger, longer lasting, and will fight the effects of Ultra-Violet light.





 also note: the uPVC doors and windows would  work ideally with our Panels Plant for building houses with the panels. , but . You will notice the icon for Panels Plants has been taken down from our web site... It is just in invisible mode while we work on some new changes with the plant and realistically we do not expect these changes on the PANELS PLANT until end of 2011 or begin of 2012...  but the uPVC doors and windows are available NOW !!!!