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Soap Stone or Talc Stone




                 FEBRUARY 16, 2015


1).Soapstone or Talc-stone is one the minerals that contains high

percentage of talc between 30% to 65%, however in some rocks of

soapstone or talc-stone percentage could be as high as 80%.


2).One may feel soapy when touched softer grades of soapstone.

In soapstone hardness cannot be fixed because the amount of talc

It contains varies widely (from as little as 30% to as high as 80%.


3).Soapstone rock that can be scratched with fingernail is normally

considered to have a hardness of 2.5, while max hardness would

go to 5.5 and these rocks can be scratched with a knife blade.


4).Hardness is normally checked with the MOHS hardness Scale that

is internationally used for checking hardness of different minerals.


5).Other mineral Steatite CERAMICS are low-cost BIAXIAL porcelains

of nominal composition (MgO3) and (SiO2). Steatite  is approximately

66% of Silica and 32% of Magnesia, and may contain minor quantities

of other oxides such as CaO or Al2O3).


6).Steatite is used primarily for its dielectric and thermal insulating

properties in applications such as tile, substrates, washers, bushings,





¨       Afghanistan origin soapstone has also been pouring in Pakistan,

and Pakistan processors are processing soapstones that come

from mines in Pakistan plus soapstones being imported from

Afghanistan. However soapstones, being exported from Pakistan,

is Pakistan origin regardless whether Afghanistan soapstone is

also mixed with Pakistan origin. Sometime soapstone imported

from Afghanistan and duly processed in Pakistan,  is exported

from Pakistan as a Pakistan origin.


¨      Pakistan  and Afghanistan soapstone consist of following

minerals (as per Chemical & Environmental Laboratory Test

Report dated 06 February 2015, testing conducted by SGS

Pakistan office (attached).


      AROUND %

i)                    SILICA (SiO2)                                             60.23

ii)                  Magnesium Oxide (MgO)                         31.13

iii)                Other minerals (Calcium

Oxide (CaO), Iron (Fe2O3), Alumina

(Al2O3), Chloride(Cl)-(Water Soluble)                

Loss on Ignition (LOI) @ 1050-C               04.68

Whiteness Ry                                            99.04

Brightness R457                                        95.39



1.       Talc is a hydrous magnesium silicate mineral with a chemical

composition of Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. Although the composition of

talc usually stays close to this generalized formula, some

substitution occurs.

2.       Small amounts of Al or Ti can substitute for Si; small amounts

of Fe, Mn and Al can substitute for Mg; and, very small amounts

of Ca can substitute for Mg. When large amounts of Fe substitute

for Mg, mineral is known as minnesotaite. When large amounts

of Al substitute for Mg the mineral is known as pyrophyllite

3.       Pakistan and Afghanistan soapstone contains more MgO & SiO2

but with a certain ratio, therefore this quality is considered better.

4.   Pakistani/Afghani origins Talc contain  MgO percentage between

29% to 31% , SiO2:  59% – 61% and LOI:  5% – 6%.

5.   The offered stone is the best quality extracted from the mines

situated in Afghanistan and in Pakistan.

6.       Soapstone or Talc stone is graded with whiteness which should

be over 95% whiteness to fall under “A” category.


Usages of Soapstone

1.      Sculpture, Statues; (The outer layers of the Christ the Redeemer

sculpture in Rio de Janeiro, are made of SOAPSTONE.


2.      Insulator or housing for electrical components (because soap stone is

durable and has electrical characteristics plus it can be pressed into

complex shapers before firing);

3.      Inlaid designs; Traditional Carvings;

4.      Kitchen Counter Tops; Sinks;

5.      Grave Markers;

6.      Construction of Fire-Place surrounds, cladding on metal woodstoves

plus also use as the preferred material for wood burning masonry

heaters because soapstone can absorb, store and evenly radiate heat

due to its high density and magnetite (MgCO3) content.

7.      Counter tops and Bathroom tiling because of its property as

the “quite stone”.

8.      Handicrafts (Pots, Pans, Glasses, Jewel Boxes, Vases, Coasters.

9.      Countertops and Interior surfacing;

10.  Welding and Fabrication (used as a marker due to its resistance

to heat plus its remains visible when heat is applied);

11.  Creation of Molds for casting objects from soft metals, such as

silver, because soapstone is easily carved and is not degraded by

heating. Soapstone’s slick surface allows the finished object to be

easily removed. 

12.  Soapstone can be put in a freezer and later used in place of ice-

cubes to chill alcoholic beverages without diluting; these are

called whiskey or alcoholic stones.




  SIZE                         WEIGHT                           

          Millimeter                        Kg                       

LUMPS                    2.5 ~ 5.0 / 20 ~ 30         0.25 ~ 5.0 (depending on lump size)


PACKING      i) Used Jumbo Bag, each of 1-kg weight, OR

                        ii) Bulk (loose directly loaded into containers).

                  20ft. standard type container


FCL                                         25           (25-bags)

                                                28           (Loose – Bulk)


INDICATIVE RATES   USA Currency, per metric ton, FOB Pakistan port. 


 LUMPS SIZE               JUMBO BAG                             BULK                     

(millimeter)                (1,000 Kg)                              (Loose)                    

2.5 ~ 5.0                               210                                         205

 20 ~ 30                                 205                                         200




DELIVERY             Within 45-days from receipt of firm order.

QUANTITY          Up to 1,000 metric tons under single order. 

INSPECTION       From SGS Pakistan, at port of origin, seller’s cost.

PAYMENT           An operative and workable LC, payable at sight.


¨      Soapstone photos attached, stored in warehouse in Pakistan.