Why shelf life of condensed milk is one year?

Due to its long shelf life condensed milk is included to strategic reserve of a country and wide range of products satisfy any tastes of the consumers. WE, offers its customers the following products: sweetened condensed milk, milk caramel, cocoa with condensed milk, condensed cream with sugar, coffee with condensed milk, condensed milk product, sweetened condensed milk with fructose, milk caramel with fructose.

Long shelf life of condensed milk is achieved through increased concentration of dry milk solids and added sucrose to raise osmotic pressure which killing the most microorganisms. Canning effect is also achieved through thermal treatment and air-proof packaging.

Is condensed milk healthy or harmful?
SCM is such a product that is not only tasty but also healthy. Everyone knows about the benefits of milk and scm is evaporated milk. When treated fairly, scm saves all microelements and vitamins. so we receive not only a tasty product but a set of usefull substances.


Unfortunately some modern scm differs from that which was sold formerly. More often we see the news about the usage of vegetable fat while producing scm. Therefore a lot of manufacturers, with the help of their honest labour and qualified products prove that they produce safe and healthy products according to traditions and standards.

What are the differences in condensed milk?

GOST (2903-78) and it Ukrainian equivalent DSTU governs production of natural product (sweetened condensed milk of 8.5% fat) according to purely classical technology without vegetable additives. TU (technical conditions of production or permitted technology) assumes vegetable fat as ingredient in strictly limited quantities but it is also sweetened condensed milk product. Is it bad? Should the technologies be observed, obviously not.

Nearly 80% (!) of the world population cannot digest milk-containing products and 40% of the world population can not resolve lactose, main milk component, according to medical statistics and these figures are growing. What is vegetable fat? It is palm oil got in natural way in the Southern Asia on the spacious plantations. It does not contain genetically modified organisms unlike soy for example and thus may be deemed as natural. Actually, GOST and TU products have only one difference of milk flavour of GOST product due to milk fats. Apparently, vegetable oil even inclusive delivery costs will be much cheaper than milk fat. Therefore, consumers have to be aware that natural GOST product will be more expensive than TU which is crystal-clear if we calculate cost of main quality ingredients, sugar and milk, in market prices.

It is impossible to deny that some cases of breach of product marking did happen during the economic recession. But it is also impossible to deny that manufacturer, for instance the  Condensed Milk Company which has installed costly European equipment, elaborated trademarks, invested into sales team and expect its major profits in the future would spoil the product to get occasional gains, as well other 50-year-old factories would breach the technologies. To punish adulterers is the competence of control bodies and they, you’d rather believe, fulfill their function if they disclose breaches of Ukrainian legislation. But majority products stigmatized by the journalists do conform to TU judging by reasonable balance of price-quality. It is the cheap product that most often contains adulterants. Natural product cannot be cheap! It has nothing to do wit obvious cases of adulteration and sales of products of improper quality. If you happen to purchase low quality product we strongly recommend you to appeal to consumer rights protection service and return the goods to the seller and, finally, to the supplier.

An aim of information presented in this site chapter is to raise consumer’s awareness about the product purchased by him seeing the clear differences.

Why condensed milk useful

Condensed milk is included to strategic reserve of any country like matches, salt, bread, sugar. Ukraine is not an exception procuring dozens of millions of condensed milk cans annually for the state reserve, let alone direct supplies to the army and fleet. Such attention to the product is explainable. Condensed milk contains the most crucial micro elements and vitamins for the human organism (A, B, C, D, E, PP etc), amino acids. It is made of fresh whole natural milk and its shelf life at moderate temperature shall be up to one year if the technologies are observed. It is completely digested by most people. It can not cause any known disease but for obesity and teeth cavities if abused. Thus, this milk product (8.5% fat) can not be substituted in our nutrition as whole milk products (milk-1.5% fat, kefir 0.5-2.5% fat etc). In addition, taste of condensed milk is unique for confectionery while whole milk products can not be applied in confectioneries. Difference between condensed milk and fresh milk is shelf life, fat content, sugar and the fact that condensed milk is assimilated by everyone unlike whole milk.

What is the essence of the difference? It is the absence of living bacteria deactivated in pasteurization of condensed milk. It and presence of natural preservation agent - sugar
are the essence of difference between condensed milk or evaporated milk as it is called in some countries (due to high fat content and low water content) and conventional milk.
Why people abroad purchase Ukrainian condensed milk?

The experts are aware that food products in the former Soviet Union where Ukraine was the leader among condensed milk producers meet higher standards of condensed milk production (USSR GOST) than in the rest of the world. Therefore, condensed milk made in USSR could be seen in half of the countries of the world; names of the Ukrainian condenseries were widely known as trademarks. Today the  Milk Company maintains the image of the country-condensed milk supplier on the international level ensuring supplies to 28 countries on three continents

Milk Condensed

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 Sweetened Condensed Whole Milk (8.5%) Stand-up Pouch 

Ingredients: skimmed cow's milk, sugar, cream, lactose.
Shelf life: 12 months under temperature from 0 °С to +10°С; 9 months under temperature from 0 °С to +20 °С
Packaging: Net wight 300 g, corrugated box – 25 packs. 
Code: 4820103341895

 Sweetened Condensed Milk with Cocoa (Stand-up Pouch) 

Ingredients: cow skimmed milk, sugar, cream, cocoa powder (7%), lactose
Shelf life: 10 months under temperature from 0 °С to +20°С
Packaging: Net wight 300 g, corrugated box – 25 packs. 
Code: 4820103341871