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Fresh Chilled Mutton Carcass 6-way-cut, Bobby Veal, Beef (Male/Female)



Standard Export packing mode:


1.       Mutton / Beef Carcass duly packed in a strong fine cloth, while

meat packed in a strong seaworthy carton, each of about 20-kg

shipped weight;

2.       Bobby Veal (young CALF meat), about 18-kg per strong carton;

3.       Beef Tenderloin, about 1,000-kg




1.        By containerized vessel (40-ft Reefer Container)

FCL:   Stuffing capacity:  about 14,500-kg), each 40-ft reefer container.


2.       By Air-freight  (Minimum each shipment about 1,500 kg).



Initial order within 4-weeks from the date of receipt of firm order.



Each fresh-chilled carcasses could be consumed for 10-12 days provided

it is stored in chillers with the required cooling temperature.  All the

buyers normally have their own chillers. Fresh carcasses are transported  

in the refrigerated containers from the airport to the chillers and/or

directly to the end-users sites, as soon as the consignment is released

from the airport customs.  



Frozen meat can also be supplied duly treated/frozen in accordance with

the international standards,



Commercial invoice,

certificate of origin,

Quarantine certificate,

Halal and Health certificate department of Islamic law,

SGS Inspection Report at the Loading Port.

Bill(s) of lading.


50% advance directly in the Bank account of the meat processors,

plant, while balance 50% against shipping documents sent to the

buyer’s Bank through Seller’s Bank in Pakistan.


Shipping documents can be legalized from the Pakistan Office of a

Foreign Embassy or Consulate, at cost of the buyers.



Inspection certificate from SGS Pakistan for quality, packing,

shipped weight, etc can also be obtained at cost of the buyers.



Buyer’s representative(s) or their authorized agents in Pakistan

Can always supervise processing, packing, inspection, loading,

at the port of shipment/loading, at their risk and cost. 



Quoted prices are indicative based on FAS Pakistan sea port.


FIRM OFFER                      

Shall be sent on receipt of firm inquiry, stating exact quantity,

Indicative prices based on FAS loading port, shipment mode,

Port of discharge and other terms as specified on the GRW/G11

Website ( if the quoted indicative FAS

prices are found workable at buyer’s end.






Mutton Carcass:               7,325           

Bobby Veal:                       6,350   


Beef                                    4,995



GRW  (E-mail:


Cold storage facility

·         Blast Freezer

·         Plate Freezer

·         Pre-Chilling rooms

·         Chilling rooms


Terms & condition

Hs Code                  :  0206.8000 of Beef Meat

Hs Code                  :  0206.2200 of Mutton Meat

Payment                  :  Advance / L.C

Delivery                  :  Immediate

Packing                   :  Individual

Inspection                :  Quarantine Department Ministry of Food, Agricultural & Livestock.

Halal Certificate       :  on request of buyer will be provided

Sample                    :  Not Available

Minimum Order      :  1500 Kgs

Following are the few reason why we have been able to consolidate our foothold in Domestic and International Market:

·         Hygienic and fresh products

·         Meat products derived from healthy and well-bred live stock

·         Stock available throughout the year of any quantity

·         Sophisticated inventory where the nutrients of the products are protected.

·         Strategically planned procedures to meet with the stipulated time frame for deliveries

·         Strong logistic support for any time any where transportation


Quality Policy

Packing Plant is  totally committed to the hygienic production of "safe meat" and that is why we are continuously striving and evolving to meet the consumer's hygiene and quality needs. The quality assurance  commitment is an integral part of the processing plant and is actively support by the management .We are processed to order, ensuring our customer the highest quality and fresh meat products are compulsorily examine by Quarantine department 

Sustaining their  position as a leading producer and exporter of quality frozen halal buffalo meat products, we have made new advances in the edible products industry in terms of quality and hygiene. We are appreciated and preferred for our unfailing and constantly improving quality standards.

Following are the few reasons why they  have been able to consolidate our foothold in the industry:


  • Hygienic and fresh products.
  • Meat products derived form healthy and well-bred live stock.
  • Cross check procedures to highlight ingenuities in the live stock.
  • Stocks available throughout the year of any quantity.
  • Sophisticated inventory where the nutrients of the products are protected.
  • Strategically planned procedures to meet with the stipulated time frame for deliveries.
  • Strong logistics support for anytime anywhere transportation


The packaging unit is where the product are packed in standard packing to retain their freshness and tenderness with all the packaging is done in safe and hygienic environment .All products are labeled from the date of slaughter and its expiry .

 Frozen & chilled BEEF Meat, Camel Meat, BUFFALO Meat & MUTTON carcass according to buyer requirement. Processor provides thge  customer the best and most hygienic Pakistani Halal meat products In terms of quality safety through quality control. The processed meat in factory is in best quality and healthy to eat, we always take care of our customer’s need in the best manner by giving them the quality products



Packer has  strong infrastructural and inventory set up that enable to integrated produced and sustain hygienic  chilling unit and slaughter under Supervision of Quarantine Department Ministry of Food , Agricultural & Livestock Government of Pakistan .  As per Clause –J, of section-2, Pakistan animal quarantine. (Import and Export of animal and products) (Amendment) Act, 1985 we have state-of-the-art production unit equipped with the latest machinery for slaughtering, Chilling and blast freezing. Customer satisfaction is our “TOP PRIORITY.”

Today, every consumer pays much more attention to what they eat than ever before! Foodstuff safety becomes a sensitive focus! As a foodstuff exporter, we place great emphasis on quality, processing and transportation than price and turnover!



Packer is a Pakistani leading exporters of chilled lamb carcasses to Middle East.

01 piece of Carcasses: 06 Kg s to 14 Kg s   of goat and Fat Tail sheep

Buffalo Meat

We are able to supply high quality buffalo meat, beef meat and veal products.

04 pieces of Carcass: 50 kgs To 240 Kg s

01 piece of carcass:  20 Kg s to 70 Kg s of buffalo


All offal products relating to mutton, beef and Fat Tail Sheep are available , tongues ,tails tripe, liver ,kidney feet , runners and hearts to name a few . We can also export salted sheep, lamb and goat skins.