GRW History


54 years ago (R. Bradley (deceased), was  leaving the  construction business and formed GRW to offer mine engineering services and construction equipment for export.   He sold new and used tractors , generators and other construction equipments.  His chief mine engineer, Bruno Lanferman, handled engineering services for gold and other mines worldwide.  The years went by and then  at the death of his chief engineer the company discontinued the engineering business and  started to get involved in buying and selling commodities worldwide.  The company would buy from the direct factories, mills, mines, growers and other direct producers  and resell them to many clients across the world.   He and his partners continue to strengthen the firm leading to some of GRW’s clients over the years  included the two major Middle Eastern Armies,  a Middle Eastern, Defense Department for generators and tractors and a top notch Indian Construction firm for a block making plant. We also assisted one of the largest hotels in the world & and a top cable firm in the world on a niche form of financial services.

GRW then started offering financial services for trade finance and project finance utilizing the top finance specialists in the world to service GRW clients for various types of financial services.

GRW expanded has  it’s reach across the world into many countries.

 GRW has grown into a powerful entity on the world wide export and financial services and commodities markets, and GRW continues to grow and seek more GRW agencies worldwide.  GRW has vetted GRW AGENCIES in many countries of the world offering our commodities and services.

In 2012 all GRW Companies and sub firms were combined in a new entity called G11 Corporation with us now known as GRW a G11 Corporation. 

In 2019 GRW was taken over by Ethos Entity Co.