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Goat Carcass Meat

Pakistan origin Live Goat, Goat Carcasses and Mutton parts, available for export.



Pakistan is an agri-based country with 70% of its population acquiring sustenance through agriculture and 25% of the land is under cultivation and is supported by one of the biggest irrigation systems in the world.

With the Indus River transcending through Pakistan, it supports much of the agriculture. Almost every constituency in Pakistan has animal husbandries due to the locally produced grain and wheat straw that is easily available. This has allowed the growth of the 8th largest naturally grown livestock herd in the world and has empowered the country be a proud grower of Halal Organic Grass fed Red Meat, developed in natural and stress free environments.

TBF, The Home of Quality Meat, operates in an environment with a diverse agricultural base. From the much cherished buffalo breeds, GRW SUPPLIER has the access, expertise and understanding to choose from the best available to offer to its customers. Lamb and goat varieties of Pakistan too are quite varied. Pakistan has a mix variation of breeds depending on the location of the grazing lands in which the herdsmen dwell to naturally band organically sustain their livestock.




GRW SUPPLIER IN  PAKISTAN is well-known for maintaining the best cattle and farms in the country. The meat and food products are supplied from the GROWERS established by the supplier group only. Our objective is to sustain stability in price, supply and quality as a Grower. We have the capacity to accommodate sufficient number of cattle to supply red meat to our meat food line. We take pride to stand as one of the finest quality grower in the country.




GRW SUPPLIER takes the , health and welfare of our livestock is one of our top priorities. Everything from their living condition to their nutrition is carefully monitored. Our animals receive the best balanced diet, selected from the leading suppliers that are engaged in 100% natural processes.

Our lairage pens are designed to meet international standards for optimal comfort to reduce stress and provide safety to the livestock. The lairage pens have a capacity of 750 cattles, 3,000 goats / lambs. Our pens have 24 hour pre-slaughter observation. All livestock are regularly observed by experienced DVM veterinary doctors. Moreover, the lairage pens have separate areas for quarantine and detention.



·         Pre-buying Livestock surveys

·         Back End Farm Contracting for specialized requests

·         Buffer Stock availability for:

1.      Price stability in volatile Market Days

2.      Supply stability in Off Season Weeks

3.      Quality Stability

·         Livestock collection center for easy “Direct to Market” facilitation of livestock farmer

·         Model Calf/Goat Fattening Farms

·         Facilitation of financing of livestock growers

·         All live stock checked by experienced DVM veterinary doctors. 




·         Capacity – 500 Cattle and 3,000 Goats/Lamb

·         Buffer Stock Holding Capacity in Multan – 3,000 Cattle and 10,000 Goats

·         Designed as per International Standards for Reduced Livestock Stress and Protection against adverse weather

·         Separate Areas for Quarantine and Detention

·         Impervious Floors and Passage Ways for easy cleaning and sanitation