Fluorspar Powder   (CaF2)  Vietnam


2000 mt a month




Fluorspar is an essential raw material for the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid, an intermediate in the production of refrigerant, fluoropolymers (PTFE), aluminium fluoride,... The main markets for fluorspar are aluminium indutry, steel indutry, chemicals and polymers, electronic industry and to a extent cement industry, glass industry, agraochemicals, pharmaceuricals... Sourcing of fluorspar is our top priority as we are specialized in fluorochemicals.

Fluorspar for the chemical and aluminium industries

- wet cake powder, acid grade fluorspar CaF2 97%, SiO2 1% max, CaCO3, Low P, Low S, Low As

Fluorspar for the steel industry

- lumps, small to average size, typically CaF2 75% to 90%, typically lumps but also powder...

Fluorspar for the welding industry

- dry powder, typically CaF2 95% to 98.5%

Fluorspar for the cement industry, manufacture of grey and white cement

- lumps, powder typically CaF2 50% to 97