Free Email Alert Program of GRW

Many of our customers like that fact that our server will notify them when we have new product posted on our web site. They also are informed if there are product adjustments on our site or if a product that we sold in the past is available again. Sometimes a buyer or agents timing in getting news of a new or updated product can make the difference of getting a sale made. By being on the GRW email alert program will give you these advantages. You can either send us an email to and ask to join the EMAIL ALERT PROGRAM and you will be sent an invitation to join. If you already received an invitation to join our free EMAIL ALERT PROGRAM  then you will be directed to read this section before you accept the invitation to join our free alert program. 

We have very strict protocols for anyone being on the alert program and if you accept our invitation to join then you will become a member (free) and will be set up to receive the free alerts via email.

Please note that we diligently monitor our members list for any violations of the being a member as any member that goes into any restricted areas of our site will automatically flag us of such and we will remove you as a member . So we encourage you to strictly follow our membership protocols which are mentioned when you accept the invitation. 

We really hope you accept the invitation to join the free email alert program of GRW and that you also check back on our site on a regular basis.