Copper Ore



Pakistan Origin


Copper- Ore, Pakistan Origin 

Lumps Size        

About 15MM to 100MM and ABOVE (Abt 70%) and

            Below 15MM including Powder form (Abt 30%).


Cu contents between 10% to 15% (Mixed without guarantee

quantity of each %). Other Minerals contents, such as CR/FE

ratio, Mg. Sulphur, Moisture, net shipped weight, gross weight,

etc. shall be as per the analysis report issued from the SGS,

conducted at the port of loading, at seller’s cost.


1,500 Metric Tons, 5% more or less at seller’s option.


Shall be quoted in USA Currency, per metric ton, either

FOB Pakistan or C&F Port of Discharge.

Price Calculation Formula

70% of the Price of prime quality copper traded at LME

shall be taken as a base price for copper ore. For example:

                                                Rate in USD

   (per ton)

Prime quality rate at LME:           8,000

70% of the LME rate:                   5,600

Ore rate @FAS Pakistan:           56/per %

Copper ore Cu:10~15%(mixed)     840



Export Packing

Loose (without bundled), loaded directly in to container.

Port of Loading    

Any Sea port of Pakistan


Initial partial shipment within 60-days.


Documentary L/C, 100% invoice value, payable at sight.

Stuffing Capacity

27 to 28 tons in a 20-ft standard type container.

Additional Information:  GRW Global Corporation (


 Copper-Ore (Copper – Cu) Minimum 10% to Maximum 15% (Mixed)

NOTE: Other Minerals contents (specifications) such as CR/FE ratio, Sulphur, Iron, Moisture, net and gross shipped weight , etc. shall be as per the analysis report issued from the SGS Pakistan, against each shipment at the loading port, which shall be acceptable to sellers and buyers.

Sellers shall receive payment from the negotiating Bank in Pakistan on receipt of SGS certificate, Sellers shall not be responsible for the results found at the Port of Discharge.

Commodity: Copper-Ore

Quantity (metric tons)  500

Shipments: Above quantity shall be shipped within 90 days from the date of receipt of an operative LC in the

Seller’s Bank in Pakistan. Partial shipments each of 250-tons should be allowed.

Lumps Sizes: About 70% - 50MM to 300MM & ABOVE and About 30% smaller lumps including in fine

Powder form.

Indicative Prices: Based on the current prevailing prices in Pakistan market, prices in USA

Currency, per metric ton are as under:

 Pakistan port

Other terms

¨ Firm offer can be made on receipt of a serious specific inquiry.

¨ C&F/CIF destination prices can only be quoted on receipt of exact required quantity, and Port of Discharge.

¨ Cost of inspection from SGS is included in the indicative prices.

¨ Packing in bulk (loose directly into container)

¨ FCL (20-ft standard type container): 27-tons to 28-tons.

¨ Payment under irrevocable documentary LC opened on seller’s terms.

¨ More Info: Kindly contact GRW Global Corporation (



 GRADE:    Cu > Min. 10% / Max. 15% (rejection below Cu 9%)

Pb:                      1.5%

F:                         9.5%

Cd:                      0.8%

Hg:                      0.3%

Radioactive Elements:   Nil

Moisture:                   9%

Particle Size:   70% of 30mm to 100mm, Balance 30% below 30mm and in Powder form.  


NOTE:  Above specification is for reference only, final specs shall be as per inspection certificate, issued from the SGS at the port of origin at the time of loading into container. However Cu contents shall remain as specified above.