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Copper Cables


Origin:   Pakistan


GRW can offer Pakistan origin Copper Cables plus other types of cables directly from Pakistan Manufacturers. Couples of Pakistan manufacturers have been producing copper cables from the imported prime quality of copper with 99.99% purity, meeting specifications of international standard.

GRW Agencies should get serious specific inquiries from importers/end-users stating exact specifications, packing mode, volume under single shipment, port of discharge, etc. Quality, weight, packing inspection from the SGS at the port of loading.

Competitive prices against serious inquiries are assured.

For lighting & general use, Pakistan Cables manufactures General Wiring Cables in the range of 250/750 Volts

conforming to BSS: 6004:95: General wiring single core cables from 1 mm2 to 10 mm2 Larger single core cables from

16mm2 to 70mm2 Multi-core cables from 1 mm2 to 10 mm2  Flexible multi-core cables from 1 mm2 to 4 mm2

These cables are manufactured in conformity with the national & international standards that provide safety and

savings in electricity consumption because of the use of 99.99% pure copper, cable grade PVC, and thorough quality

testing of every meter. The benefits of utilizing our high quality General Wiring Cables are:

Lower electricity billing  - Optimum efficiency of appliances - Safety to life and property - Better energy utilization



Low & Medium Voltage Cables


 LV and MV Cables have been fully type tested by KEMA – Holland in accordance with IEC 502.  High quality overhead conductors are manufactured from EC grade Aluminum and Copper Rod. A summary of our product range for LV & MV Cables, as well as Conductors is below:





Used in the assembly of wire harnesses for OEMs, manufactured under JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).  Specifications include AV, AVS, AVSS and AVSSH. Auto Cable plant has state of the art machines, including Niehoff wire drawing and bunching machines and a Tecnocable extruder.


¨      Alum-Ex is the brand name, manufactures aluminum sections and profiles for architectural, construction and industrial applications.

¨      Alum-Ex sections are extruded from prime quality imported AA 6063 billets.  This is the internationally recommended grade for architectural and structural applications.  These sections are anodized on a fully automated plant.

¨      Anodized sections are offered in six different colors, while powder coated sections are available in any imaginable color to match the taste of the customer.

¨      For all powder coated sections, Manufacturer uses only polyester based powders. These coatings are thermosetting types, specially designed for ‘façade’ use.  They can withstand the rigors of ultra violet rays in the atmosphere.

¨      Alux-Ex sections, anodized or powder-coated, are available in a wide range of applications:


-Structural glazings & curtain walls          

-           Double glazed sliding doors & windows

- Double glazed opening doors & windows

-           Sliding doors & windows

-           Hinged doors & windows

-           Fixed glazing / shop fronts

-           Glass doors / Swing doors

-           Curtain walls

-           Curtain walls

-           False ceilings

-           Casement / awning windows

-   Special sections to suit customers’ specific needs



Copper Rod



Free 8mm Copper Rod, and uses the up-cast system of manufacturing rod. Oxygen Free Copper is

particularly suited for drawing into wires. The raw material used raw material used is only LME registered “A” grade copper cathodes



In 2007 PVC Compound Plant was installed, produces flexible PVC compounds for insulation and sheathing of electric cables, and other flexible PVC compounds. The Plant is equipped with the most sophisticated machinery, including automated weighing and dosing systems for  each component of the various formulations. This plant also has a polymers laboratory to enable the development of customer specific formulationundefined

Other Wire & Cable Products


In addition to General Wiring, LV, MV and Automobile Cables, we also manufacture

 the following items: Telephone Cables, Intercom Cables, Control Cables, Welding Cables,

Coaxial Cables Submersible Cables. Other types of Cables, according to customer

 requirements.  Such as cables for airfield lighting or equipment wiring.