Metallurgical Coke

Coke is produced at the Coke Oven and By-products Plant and is the solid reduce of the destructive distillation of coal blend. It is cellular, infusable and hetrogeneous in both physical and chemical properties.It is used as a fuel and reducing agent in the Blast Furnace for the manufacturing of Pig Iron. The standard specifications of Pakistan  coke are listed below. Excessive quantity is saleable in the market.


0 - 25mm
25 - 80mm

Moisture Content

3% typical

Ash Content

13% (max)
Volatile matter1.5% (max)
Sulphur0.8% (max)
Calorific Value7000 - 8000 K cal/kg



Widely used as a fuel by foundries in cupolas for melting iron scrap and pig iron.
In sugar mills employing the carbonising process.
For making chemicals/calcium carbide.
Used in the pharmaceutical industries.
Coke breeze is used for steam generation in boiler houses.
Used in Steel making for carbon adjustment.