Coal Tar  Pakistan






Density at 20°C:

1.1930 (Typical)


5% max


0.3% max
Flash Point According to Pensky Martens (open cup):139°C

Coal tar is a by-product of the Coke Oven and By-product plant during the manufacture of metallurgical coke. Coke oven gas of 80 - 82°C is cooled in tubular gas coolers equipped with horizontal tubes each with a 3000 square meter cooling surface. Coke oven gas after cooling in the coolers is delivered for purification from the tar traces into electrostatic precipitators located on the suction side of the coke oven gas blowers. The coal tar is sent to tghe tar settling tanks for separation from water, then it flows to the tank for coal tar from where it is pumped to the storage tanks.