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Charcoal Products Vietnam


A/. Pre-Activated Coconut shell charcoal



Products produced in Vietnam from coconut shell charcoal activated method at temperatures of 900-1.0000C.

• Type size 3 x 6, 4 x 8 . 8x20

• Effect : used as raw materials for production of activated carbon

-Ash 2% max


Coconut shell-Than puree may be activated through the process. Black granular, dry, loose, angular.

Coal pre-activity filters used in industrial waste water, fertilizer processing, aquaculture activities - plant, making ink, etc. ..

Provide large numbers

B./ Coconut shell charcoal activated

if the processing of coal is finished, shall be used exclusively in the area:

a. For medical masks, padding, lining feet

b. For water purification equipment, wine, alcohol, gas, gold, oil refining, barbecue, heating, lightning ..

c-use for other industries: gas masks, iron steel ..

d-Food Industry: bleaching (oil), bleach smell (chemicals), detoxify

Anti e-beam radiation, radiation from the machinery, planting orchids, bonsai ...

g-Cooking, Heating ..

Particle size: Φ1.5-5mm
Intensity:  96%
Moisture: <2.45
Hydrotrope: 1.5%
Iodine Value: 550-1100
Packing: PE-PP 25 kg

C. Coconut shell charcoal

Towards environmental protection, protection of forest resources, now, we are manufacturing coconut shell charcoal in Vietnam. Our product made from coconut shells, are exported (Japan, Korea, Taiwan) as well as domestic consumption.

Coconut shell charcoal is the product Clean friendly environment, is used in restaurants specializing in barbecue, grilling when traveling, picnic, grilling outside garden or for heating and cooking in the household.

1. Advantages of the product:

- Time to burn longer than wood charcoal, mangrove charcoal.

- No smell

- Do not smoke

- High Heat

- 95% coconut shell charcoal, 5%: Adhesives from starch.

- Does not contain chemicals. gas is not harmful to health, contrary to the common types of firewood, made from coal, gas burning generating more hazardous to health.

2. Size of coal members:

- Outer diameter of 4.5 cm diameter 1 cm, 4.5 cm length.

- Heavy 50g/vien (out of 20 members shall correspond to 1 kg of coal).

- Closing coal into a 15 kg carton

3. Usage:

- Option 1: using 2 sheets A4 paper or a quarter of a charcoal grill placed on the stove, the coal on top, ignite the paper and wait staff is lower than catches fire can start cooking your job

- Method 2: using primers members coal stove. Members pick up coal, gas stove fire them over for a moment as members coal catches fire on the bottom and then you can cook immediately.





D./ Bee's Nest Coconut Charcoal

Bee's Nest Coconut Charcoal_Super clean coal products used in restaurants, restaurants, family ...

Than focus:
- Size: 11 cm ~ DK
- Weight: ~ 800 grams
- Heat: ~ 5800 kcal

- Runtime: ~ 2.5 h
- No smell, no smoke, no toxic chemicals.
- Low Cost _ 0989 485 343 Contact Mr. Greek for best price

Of coal:
- Size: 17 cm ~ DK
- Weight: ~ 1700 grams
- Heat: ~ 6300 kcal
- Runtime: ~ 3.5 h
- No smell, no smoke, no toxic chemicals.



·        Thermal energy: 5500 – 6500 kcal

·        Carbon : 80 – 85%

·        Ash      :   5%

·        Moisture: < 9%

·        Volatile matter: 30-35%