Cattle Feed mixture


complete range of Cattle feed for all types of cattle . The feeds are designed in such a way with the assurance of quality which suits the Animal.

SMR (Special milk Ration)
HMR (High Milk Ration)

Recommended for

  • High Yielding Animals
  • For Better Milk yield
  • Best Health
  • High Fat Percentage
  • High Rate of Conception


  • Moisture (Max) - 11 %
  • Protein (Min)- 21%
  • Fibre (Max) - 10 %
  • Fat (Min) -2.5 %
  • Acid insalable Ash (Max) - 4%
  • Total Digestible Nutrients - 65 %
  • Contains High Quality Groundnut, Sunflower, Cotton seed & COPRA oil cakes
  • Contains large amount of Wheat, Maize, Bajra, Molasses and accurately enriched with Salt.
  • Well Balanced with Minerals.
  • Contains Special formulation High potency vitamins from international Brands of vitamins.
  • Packed in good quality sound Gunny Bags to ensure that feeds reach the consumers in 1st Class condition