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Brass Ingots   

Pakistan origin Re-melted Brass Ingots

Commodity:       Brass Ingots

Specification:    UZ 39 Pb 1 Alloys No. IU-921211 having following chemical composition:

Copper:                  57.5 – 60.5 %    Lead: 1–2%. Zinc: Remainder. Other impurities: 1 % (Max)

Size:                      185 mm & 150 mm dia ingots.

Packing:               Bulk, loaded directly in to 20-ft standard type container, staking in lots

Delivery:             Around 250-tons every three months (1,000 tons per year).

Factory:                A government controlled factory situated in North of Pakistan. Re-melted brass ingots

                                produced from the scrap obtained from 99.99% prime quality copper.

Inspection:         Material shall be inspected by SGS Pakistan office at the time of loading into containers at the factory, inspection at the factory shall be final and binding on sellers and buyers.

Shipment:           Containerized Vessel sailing from one of the Pakistan sea ports.

Price:    Shall be based on the LME price of prime quality copper (99.99%) at the time of closing deal.      


¨      Firm offer can be made on receipt of a serious specific inquiry.

¨      C&F/CIF destination prices can only be quoted on receipt of exact required quantity, (under single shipment) and Port of Discharge.

¨      Cost of inspection from SGS is included in the indicative prices.

¨      Payment at least 50% advance payment at the time of placing order for delivery after 3 to 4 months.

¨      Delivery: Within 3 to 4 months from the date of receipt confirmed order.

¨      More Info: Plz contact GRW – a G11 Corporation (     


¨      BRASS INGOT S  PHOTOS                                         

Brass Ingot Rod shape




¨      BRASS INGOT S  PHOTOS                                         

Brass Ingot Rod shape: