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Spring Fruits

These are the fruits that first meet us after a cold winter. Throughout Azerbaijan, these fruits are mainly
cultivated everywhere but especially in Northern (cherry) and Southern and Western (strawberry) parts.
The Main sorts of strawberry are “San Andreas”, “Portola”, “Victoria”, “Albion”, “Monterey” which can be
weighted 20-40 gr per each. For cherry, largely cultivated types are “Ziraat 0900” and “Napoleon”.
The Thenumber of cherry gardens with EU standards (HACCP, EUREPGAP) are increas-ing.

Summer Fruits

Summer fruits are the ones which have a long history for Azerbaijan. As they have rich cultivation experience with
these fruits, they are being harvested in almost all parts of our motherland. For peach “Elbert”, “Salami”, “UFO”
and for nectarine “Boston”, “Victoria”, “Krasnodares”, “UFO” are the main sorts that are being cultivated
especially in Northern part of Azerbaijan. On the other hand, Apricot is harvested mainly in Nakhchivan and
has 2 main local sorts: “Badam әrik”, “Qırmızı yanaq”.

Autumn Fruits

Autumn fruits are considered strategic commodities for Azerbaijan as every year they are available
in thousands of tons. Our team has exclusive experience on working with these fruits. For all these, there are
many cold storage ware-houses all over Azerbaijan and they enable the shelf life of the commodities to get
longer. “Guloysha”, “Valas”, “Udullu”, “Talibli” for pomegranate, “Rocco Brilliant”, “Fuyu”, “Round” for
persimmon, “Pink Lady”, “Gala”, “Granny Smith”, “Golden”, “Red Delicious” for apple, “Santa Maria”, “Forest
Beauty” for pear are the mainly traded sorts for each fruit.


Vegetable cultivation is famous in almost all over Azerbaijan and the farmers are already mastered in doing
it in green-houses. This enables the market to be active all year and to be able to supply foreign markets as
well. Tomato being the top 4 exported products every year has a huge potential. Here, the main sorts are
“Pink Paradise”, “Kanka Bandit”, “Tera-tron”, “Mojitos” and “Rally”. Cucumber, on the other hand, is highly
demanded just because of its high quality. Moreover, all the greeneries can be supplied by airplanes at its
freshest time.


Many types of nuts have been an irreplaceable part of the people here in Azerbaijan. Especially for hazelnut
Azerbaijan is located in the natural growing area and it is the top 4 exported products of every year. These all nuts
have local sorts unique for only Azerbaijan.

Dried fruits

Azerbaijan has a long history of dried fruits. Our Association offers handmade and industrial dried fruits and
vegetables (especially dried greeneries). Handmade ones are made with the centuries long traditional
experience of local people (specific for persimmon). On the other hand, in an industrial way we mainly use rela-
tively new technology – cold wind drying systems. By this way, the product retains its all-natural ingredients
and color. This new system is almost applicable to almost any kind of fruits and vegetables. Shelf Life – 12
months Storage temperature – 18-25 degrees Celsius.

List of fruits and vegetables for export from Azerbaijan

1. Apple
Gala Buckeye, Gala Chinega, Gala Galaval, Golden Ginger, Golden Reinders, Golden Smoothee,
Grany Smith, Granny Challenger, Gold Chief, Mema Stark, Red Welox, Red Cap, Evelina, Jazz Apples,
Rose Glow, Story Inored, Scarlet Spur, Fubrax Fuji, Gala Brookfield, Milva, Braeburn, Gala
Apple orchards: more than 28 000 ha
Harvested from apple orchards: – more than 300 000 ton
Price.: 18-21usd per carton

2. Pear
Etruska, Turandot, Carmen, Santa Maria, Williams, Deveci, Abate Felet, Gepa, Thimo, Conference,
Abbat Fetel.
Pear orchards: 5500 ha
Harvested from pear orchards : 55 000mt
Price: 0.70 – 1.50 per kg.

3. Plum
Black Diamond, Black Splender, Black Amber, Early Moon, Late Moon, Green Red, Plumegrante, Stav,
Big Shafer, Angelina, Late Blue, Golden Globe, President, Stanley, Moon Globe
Plum orchards: 5300 ha
Harvested from Plum orchards: 39 000 mt
Price: 0.50 – 1.40 per kg.

4. Cherry
Early Burlat, Ziraat 0900, Kordia, Regina, North Wonder, Napoleon, Summit, Thumb, Tieton, Earlise,
Royal Bailey, Royal Hazel, Royal Marie, Folfer, Bellise, Burlat, Samba, Carmen, Skeena, Ferdous,
Sabrina, Lapins, Badacsony, Belge, Satin, Duroni, Sweetheart
Cherry orchards : 6000 ha
Harvested from cherry orchards: 43 000mt
Price: 1.2-5 usd per kg

5. Nectarin
Amiga, Big Bell, Caldesi 2000, Noney Cascade, Honey Royal, Venus, Platerina 100, Platerina 126,
Early Queen, Royal Queen, Big Bel, Big Top, Zeeglo, Red Fire, Honey Cascade, Honey Late

6. Peach
Cresthaven, Elegant Lady, Royal Glory, Royal Summer, Carioke, Samata, Plane Gold, Plane Super, Rich
May, Spring White, Ruby Rich, Royal Jim, Lorinda, Royal Lee, Gladys, Summer Sweet
Peach orchards: 6000 ha
Harvested from peach orchards: 30 000 mt
Price: 1 – 5 usd per kg

7. Apricot
Milord, Sherpa, Violet, DM 170, Tiger, Farbaly, Fardao , Blackcot, Prisia, Rubista, Primidi, Primus,
Primaya, Primaris, Farely, Farhial, Farfia
Apricot orchards : 3250 ha
Harvested from apricot orchards: 30 000 ton
Price: 1 – 4 usd

8. Quince
Quince orchards: 38 000 ha
Harvested from Quince orchards: 35 000 ton
Price: 0.70- 2 usd per kg.

9. Tomato
Bobkat F1, Volverin, Hapynet F1, Mountain Spring F1, Terra Kota F1,Asteriks F1, Ulise F1, Bostina F1,
Panekra F1, Tsarin F1,Fantastina F1, Boderin F1, Mamston F1, Klimberli F1, Klimbo F1, Qravitet F1,
Pink Beef ( B-CB2L, B-WB1L, BB-CB2L)
Price : 0.60-3.50 usd per kg

10. Fresh Carrot
Orange, Purple
Production area: 1223 ha.
Harvested: 42 000 mt
Price: 0.25 -1 .20 usd

Production: 5000 ha.
Harvested: 85 000 ton
Price: 0.40 -2.50 usd per kg

Hazelnut Orchards: 84 500 ha
Harvested from Hazelnut orchards: 60 000 mt
Price: 5.50- 8 usd per kg

Rocco Brilliant, “Fuyu”, “Round
Persimmon Orchards: 10500 ha
Harvested from Persimmon orchards: 165 000 mt
Price: 0.40- 2.30 usd per kg

Grapes Orchards: 18 000 ha
Harvested from grapes orchards: 180 000 mt
Price: 0.40-2.5 per kg

15. Pomegranate
Guloysha”, “Valas”, “Udullu”, “Talibli
Pomegranate Orchards: 24000 ha
Harvested from Pomegranate orchards: 160 000mt
Price : 0.60- 2.20usd per kg

16. Cucumber
Cucumber orchards: 700 ha
Harvested: 230 000 mt.
Price: 0.25 – 0.90 usd

17. Pepper
Production area: 2800 ha
Harvested: 38 300 mt
Price: 0.45- 2.00 usd per kg